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It's my right angle


Joni’s Corner, It’s My Right Angle

This is going to be a blog about life. I am doing so because my friends have entreated me to put my thoughts into words.  I trust my friends. I doubt that I will write on a regular basis as I usually write when life tugs at my heart-strings, in good ways and bad. After all, they call me the “story teller.”  Why “Joni’s Corner?” Because this is my corner of the world. I love my corner. It is where God has planted me. It is my schoolroom. Why a “right angle?” Who wants to read about a wrong angle? Seriously, in the lessons that I have learned, many of them I entered into with a wrong perspective but by the grace of God came out the other side with, hopefully, a right one. Enough said.

One of my most important lessons that has come out of that corner has been to make it a better place. How do I make it better?  It’s like Cinderella sang about in the Roger & Hammerstein’s Classic, “In my own little corner, in my own little world, I can be whatever I want to be.”  What do I want to be? I want to be “Jesus with skin on” to this precious corner of the world. For me, this certainly does not imply getting on a soap box. I am in Camo, in disguise per say. There is an old hymn that is called, “Brighten The Corner Where You Are.” It’s beautifully corny.  It’s my heart. Whomever I come in contact with, I want to make their day, their life or their current situation a bit brighter. Why? Because that’s what my heavenly Father did for me and taught me to do for others.

I am melodramatic and it comes out in my writing. My bestest friend and husband didn’t get this when we were married over 30 years ago. It was like a Jamaican having to learn to understand Mandarin. He just didn’t get it. Now, however, while he does not speak Mandarin, he seems to not only understand it, but even has come to love that part of me… Like I said, he is my bestest friend. I say that to say my writing is more free style. It’s where I bare my soul. I usually bare my soul when a circumstance has revealed to me a lesson that has actually caused a change in my character, hopefully, for the better. For is it not a noble pursuit, the betterment of one’s own character? This answers the question, Why should anyone read my blog? Maybe you, the reader, will come away with something that also inspires you or is a lesson learned for you as well. Then we all win. Awesome sauce.

I can be funny, poignant, emotional and on rare occasions even quite eloquent. Don’t look for the latter too often. This very first blog will probably be the first and last time I talk about myself. It is not too interesting of a topic. I only do it now for introduction. I much prefer to talk about life and people. You see life has been my schoolroom, mountaintops and valleys have been the tools by which God and people have taught me!

            You know what caused me to finally set my fingers to the keyboard? Another blog. Yep. After reading it, I was stirred to the core. I love being moved like that, it’s better than a Starbucks’ Carmel Macchiato Grande . Words! How powerful. In the book of Proverbs it tells us that life and death are in the power of the tongue. That being said, even more so the power of life can be in the pen because then it endures. I believe they call that a classic in literary terms. Yep, those kinds of words have hutzpah or staying power.

Oh, and that blog? It’s beautiful and it’s written by my favorite daughter in-law. It is well worth the read. Here’s the site:

Last thing- to each of you reading this, welcome to my corner! Come on in, have a seat. Let me know what’s on your mind. Tell me a story.

Finally, as the Jewish blessing goes: And May the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace.