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Dear Sydney


cell July 2018 007



Dear Sydney,

This is what your precious mother said on her FB page:

[19 years ago God blessed us with a beautiful amazing daughter. Syd, you have brought so much life,joy,love & inspiration to so many people. We thank God each day for giving us a daughter to care for and to love.❤️
Although you are not here with us, we know you are in heaven~in God’s care enjoying eternal life. We know there will be a special celebration in heaven today.
We love and miss you dearly our sweet
angel 💙
Happy Birthday in Heaven!⭐️❤️


I’m sure you have already seen it. I never had the wonderful privilege of meeting you this side of heaven. I came into your family’s life the day you became face to face with Jesus. Lives were shattered that day and I tried so hard to pick up the pieces for whomever I could but I knew, as they did, that no one could put those pieces back together. They would never be the same again. It was such a dark place at the time. Yet… yet there was a Light that shone in the midst of that darkness. A Light that pierced through that darkness. It was “your” light Sydney. I began to get to know you. There were so many wonderful things about you. I couldn’t believe how many beautiful lives you touched and were a part of in such deep ways. Your love for God, Family, Kyle, Friends, and just all people in general spoke volumes in the days to follow.

Sometimes what we Road Chaplains do is so hard and we see such tragedy and our understanding can get blurred in all the heartache. But then, days like March 1st happen. We just can’t see it at first when everything is so dark, but if we’ll reach out for the Hand of the only One who can see in those times, we begin to understand something. “Sometimes God allows that which He hates in order to accomplish that which He loves.” Joni Eareckson Tada said that. She is an amazing woman who is bound to a chair physically because of quadriplegia. Mind you, she is only bound physically because her giant spirit flies high in this life. But, then, you know this as well because you see the full picture now, don’t you? Anyway, that day I began to realize that some lives are a long enduring novel and others, well, sometimes others are a short but very powerful story. This is you Syd. ❤

So, how is God accomplishing that which He loves by taking you home? Many people have seen it all over the place Sydney. The lives of some you never even met have been changed by your story. Even me, I am changed by you Syd. I’m not the same. I hope, maybe, I’m better. I try to live fuller, feel deeper, laugh harder, love more. I try to be a little more kind than necessary.

You loved Jesus and that made all the difference! And some, who never considered Him before, are taking a much closer look. Then, there are others who have embraced Him because of you, Syd. Though you are no longer here physically, you are still winning souls. Isn’t that beautiful?  Isn’t that what it’s all about? Loving to the uttermost and from the uttermost.

How I have loved getting to know your Mom & Dad. Kristi and Phil are two incredible people. I can see how, when putting them together, they made you and Casey. You two are the best of them together! It’s been hard for them. I know you know that. You probably see them in those night seasons when their hearts are longing so deeply to just see you one more time- and it’s so intense, in those dark, quiet moments. I imagine that you probably have some pretty supernatural hearing and I’d be willing to bet that you can even hear their hearts crack in those moments. Aren’t you so thankful that Jesus is there to bottle those tears? That Jesus will not waste their pain but use it to the good? That He gives beauty for ashes? He is already doing it even now. Can you believe how much they have reached out and helped others all because of you and in the name of Jesus?

I just love Kyle, even like a son. He’s having a hard time, but you know this too. I know he will be okay because he reaches for truth and he is getting to know Jesus in a deeper way. What an upstanding young man he is. I can see why you chose to fall in love with him. I so wish I could make the pain go away. However, I am convinced that God intends to use it to mold him into the most awesome of men. He has a story to tell and with his integrity, grit, and godly character, I believe, eventually, he will tell it with incredible substance.

Many people are praying earnestly for them, Sydney, especially with the holidays that are coming. This is all so hard and some people don’t like talking about the hard stuff. But I deal with the hard stuff daily, so I’m not afraid to speak to it or about it. There is healing in that.

I will close with this loved passage from Revelation 21:4, He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the order of things has passed away.

One of the reasons I wanted to write is because of something I learned from my daughter in law. She lost her dear brother at a much too young age and she found that writing to him helped her in the healing process. Though I did not meet you here, I have so much love in my heart for your life. Many are grieving your absence here, including me. Yet, we rejoice, just as Kristi said, that you are in eternity and the loving care of Jesus. Also, today is your Birthday. You aren’t another year older because you are forever beautiful 18 now. I wanted to recognize the day and I wanted to thank you for living life fully and full of love. I look forward to meeting you in heaven, Syd. Could you do me a favor? Could you thank Jesus for being so close to the brokenhearted? And, thank Him for comforting those that mourn. But, mostly, thank Him for loving so completely and unconditionally. ❤

#lovewinsintheend #themoonisround #fosterlove #livelikesyd

Prayful & Grateful For Your Life,

Joni Scott, Road Chaplain BCSO

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4 thoughts on “Dear Sydney

  1. Joni, this was beautiful.
    It will be a help to many.
    Thank you,
    Diana Pigeon

  2. This is lovely. I agree with Dianna. It will help others. ❤

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